A short summary of Intel SGX enclaves

High-level overview of Intel SGX enclaves and both local and remote attestation.

Dead users, living processes: Deleting users on Linux and Windows

Deleting users leads to weird system states.

The Fastest Scalar Utf8 Validation

Doubling UTF-8 validation speed by expanding the DFA.

Comptime table generation for shift-based DFAs

Ergonomic lookup table generation for bit-twiddling using compile time reflection.

Zig Makes Rust Cross-compilation Just Work

Cross-compiling to ARM MacOS with Zig is Easy.

Caddy web server setup on a VPS

Guide to setup a Caddy web server instance on a VPS

GoatCounter self-hosted setup on a VPS

Guide to setup a self-hosted GoatCounter instance on a VPS.

Rails on Nix

My journey of discovering the process of getting a working Ruby on Rails setup on a Nix machine.

DISM - "optional feature" vs "capability" vs "package"

Practical comparison between the three types of packages in Windows 10.